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So if we make a horoscope for Leo, then Virgo will be in the solar 2nd house finances. If you want to learn more about sunsign astrology check out my article at: So, Uranus moves into Taurus today. Astrology works because its basic principle is that the smallest thing in the universe is subject to the same process as the largest. The same rules apply to both, and The period of life related to Libra is the seventh group of seven years, the time from 42 to If not already learned, it is now the time to work with dispassion in the outer and to serve the family as well as the society without expectations.

The 49th year of age is considered to be particularly significant to overcome the personality and to triumph over the influence of money, sex and power. Therefore the eastern wisdom recommends to meditate in the month of Libra on the symbol of the Divine Mother riding on a tiger.

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If we think of her, she gives us a spark of light in order to penetrate the darkness of material illusion. It is recommended to align to the light during the fifteen ascending moon phases from Libra new moon to Libra full moon and to contemplate on the energies of the Mother.

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She deblocks the way, so that we can go through the second half of the year without getting entangled in the illusions of matter. Thus the higher taste for light makes the lower taste for sex fall away. For being able to reverse the downward flowing energies and to lead the mind to the inner, the science of breathing is an important key. If used correctly breathing dynamises the vital force and helps us to lift up the emotions of the solar plexus to the love of the heart centre.

With every inhalation we go deep into our being and with every exhalation we draw energies of the lower centres upwards. Thus Libra gets neutralised, and its energies shift from the navel to the heart centre. Each time we react in an impulsive or emotional way our respiration rhythm gets disturbed, it is cramped by mad rush and fear. Deep, conscious breathing lets the energy of the soul pour in from the soul and fills us with energy. It is very pleasant to regularly breathe consciously for a certain time in the morning and in the evening — slow, soft, deep and uniform.

We should sit comfortably, in a friendly mood. We breathe through the nose and keep the tongue at the upper palate without touching the teeth and without the upper and lower teeth coming together in the front. This allows the mouth to relax. A proposal is to do 27 breaths in groups of three breaths each, with little pauses, and to feel the echo of the pulsation during the pauses. With the breathing the pulsation brings the vital force from the surrounding space into our inner and pushes out the stale matter and thus strengthens our body.

The pulsation is the subtle aspect of breathing. When we meditate on the pulsation of the breath, inhalation and exhalation slowly approach each other and then merge. Mind ad respiration neutralise each other. Our mind meets with the consciousness which makes us breathe: It breathes in and out.

The inhalation and exhalation in their subtle aspects are called in Sanskrit prana and apana, while the balance of the respiration impulses is named samana. In the science of Yoga of the East it is known since ages that when prana and apana are brought to a balance, the breathing energy ascends to the head there called udana and that from there the vital breath of the soul vyana runs through the entire body as its light.

These are the five pulsations of the science of breathing circulating through our body. SO-HAM is called the sound of the pulsating bird of respiration. Hovering in balance, at the point where inhalation becomes exhalation and exhalation inhalation, there is created a gap, an interlude of silence, where contemplation opens the doors to the higher worlds.

Here the soul is liberated from its ties to the triple body and comes to rest at the secret place of the most high. Detached it lives in peace and contemplates on the vision gained. Returning from there it brings along inspiration and power to express thoughts and deeds of good will in everyday life. The full moon point of the year is during the sign of Libra, when material manifestation has come to full fruition, and creation has totally poured itself into the outer world.

Like a bubble bulging to the size of a globe, Libra governs the growth of an impulse from the centre to the circumference. If you examine the rotation from the centre, you will find dual forces: Libra therefore represents the fulcrum-principle of the universe, which causes the rotation of the wheel, and the grand miracle of objectivity coming out of subjectivity. Libra is the birth of the polarity of inside and outside as well as the duality of the sexes.

Its birth is due to the dawn of the mental plane on our planet. The mental sheath of man forms the demarcation line of objectivity, which serves as a mirror or surface of reflection, and separates the higher from the lower, the inner man from the outer. On the surface of mind, the faculties of the five senses evolve and open up the channels connect to the outside. It is the purpose of the senses to allow consciousness to experience objectivity, but not to lose itself in it. However, attraction to objectivity draws the inner man toward the outside powerfully, and a dark curtain obscures the inner light.

The fall into creation, or matter, points to the story of Adam and Eve and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The symbol for the sign of Libra, the beam with two scale pans, symbolizes the horizontal expansion into the outer world. The trinity of the air signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are all double signs, illustrating the interplay of spirit and matter.

Libra is a symbol for equilibrium and balance. The scale pans of the sign are also referred to as the scales of justice.

Sagittarius, the sign of Judges, is linked with Libra, through a sextile aspect, as well as Leo, the sign of the ruler protecting the law. When the weights on the scales are unequally distributed, a state of imbalance, exaggeration, and passion is created. In business, the demands and desires of people are stimulated to an extreme via marketing. Then products are offered to satisfy the desires. The ordinary mind responds to this stimulation. Even though we are already overactive, we are stimulated further by people with an even greater concrete mind, causing us to become lost.

We buy without having planned, and in the absence of any real need.

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Meanwhile at home, we already have more things than we need. At the moment of the purchase, we are emotionally driven, and we are slaves to the situation. When we waste money, we must not be fooled into thinking that nothing bad happens. Money unnecessarily spent contributes to a crystallization. We form a habit of stimulated actions, which are reactive in nature, and become unable to receive inspiration from higher circles.

It is an insatiable addiction, which weakens our discrimination more and more and opens the door to the darkness. The force of desire prevents the influx of vital force, weakening the etheric body and leading to disease. Greater joy is available when we spend more time internally, moderating our involvement with the outer and the fulfilment of outer needs.

Instead, we should view them through the filter of discrimination: What is desire and appetite, and what is need? We should respond to needs, but bridle desire and appetite. Discrimination is a shining sword given to us by the higher mind.

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The muted Pisces Moon might not be able to pump up the volume enough for your beloveds to speak loudly. But the cosmic energy flows with enough compassion and empathy for you to crane your heart to listen carefully. Unplug and connect. Using your intuition instead of relying on established objectives or rigid procedures likely increases your productivity.

Trust that you can zero in on a task that not only feels easy but is the right thing to do in the moment. Although it takes courage to deviate from an existing plan, the outcome may be surprising and quite satisfying. Raising your emotional IQ is as vital as boosting any other kind of intelligence. Some measure of your research may be more introspective and self-reflective now.

But learning and practicing stress-busting techniques can help you successfully cope with tense moments. The more attuned you are to yourself, the more you can create harmony with others. You may be nostalgic for people and places from your past.

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Reflecting on your personal history, especially the regrettable parts, trains you to appreciate the preciousness of the present. Giving others more than you can wisely afford to give is a disservice to everyone involved. Your compassion is worthy of appreciation but you must be kind to yourself first. No one who truly values you wants you to suffer too much hardship just to alleviate theirs. The bounds of your empathy begin and end with you. The watery Pisces Moon encourages you to leave plenty of time to find your flow, including claiming space to just chill when you can.

Tell those who try to prod you to act on their behalf to back off and give you room to breathe. Forcing yourself into action is only helpful once you generate enough internal motivation.

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You score high marks for exuding confidence and creativity today. Obviously, you can do whatever you want to do without affectation, reproach, or self-doubt when you are simply able to be your authentic self. Use your natural charisma to encourage others to develop their skills and talents. The more you cultivate goodwill and share your buoyancy, the quicker people are liable to initiate action on their own.

Obtaining comfort and security might be your highest priority today. Taking time off from work is not to be underestimated or underappreciated.

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Relaxing with loved ones is revitalizing while the sentimental and soulful Pisces Moon sails through your 4th House of Roots. Although your key challenge could be fear of boredom, the art of doing nothing is a practice that releases you from any lofty purpose except to be in the present moment. The point of the journey is the trip itself. Eye-opening conversations with colleagues or neighbors build team spirit and strengthen community bonds.

You both might realize you take for granted that everything is smoothly moving along. Try jointly committing to checking in more often on a schedule and stop leaving your encounters up to chance.